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Updated: Sep 4, 2021

I use Facebook quite a lot ... to stay in touch with friends and family and to see what people are thinking about. However, my most significant use of Facebook is related to my jewelry business. I have connected with many people who also have a passion for being creative. In particular, I have found a number of artists who create the lampwork glass, silver and other components that I incorporate into my work. I would like to introduce some of them here:

Lampwork Glass Focal Beads

Heather creates lampwork beads, glass marbles and handmade jewelry one by one at the torch. Each bead is properly kiln annealed, cleaned, and structurally sound. She works with a lot of silver laden glasses which results in a slightly different result each time.

Recently Heather has been working with adding copper electroforming to her glass creations. You will find several examples in my shop, including feathers and tear drops.

Masha experiments quite a lot with color and combining metallics into her designs. I have focused on her work in the earthy colors that I love. Her designs include some moths that I have included in several necklaces over the years. See here for my most recent design using 2 of her small moths in a long necklace.

Masha lives in Israel, and was an electronic engineer in high-tech when she started to create lampwork beads 10 years ago. Now it is her primary job, working from home. She dreams of opening her own studio one day. Her work is only sold on Facebook.

Jewelry Components

Kim is a designer of artisan jewelry as well as jewelry components. Her offerings include clasps, connectors, pendants, bracelets, bangles, earrings, cones and rings. She designs her pieces using autocad, and has them produced in both sterling silver and high quality bronze at a casting house in New Mexico. Kim uses bronze because "They have dug up bronze jewelry from thousands of years ago that is still intact."

Many of her designs are intended to be mixed and matched, opening up a wide range of opportunities for jewelry designers such as myself. I have incorporated her findings into many of my designs including most recently a custom order (see Blog Post) as well as many necklaces and bracelets.

Over time I plan to add more information about the very talented people who help me to create the designs that I create for you.

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