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Updated: Jun 26, 2021

I love the idea of making a special order for a client. When someone has a special garment in their wardrobe and wants a creative piece of jewelry to wear with it I get excited, with ideas racing through my mind. I recently had such an experience and want to share it with you.

My client has a wonderful heavy sweater with a vintage look and wanted a necklace made to go with it. She has a bit of hippy in her, and wanted to make her sweater even more special by matching some artisan jewelry to it. The sweater is all dark colors with a deep rich look and feel. The primary color is velvety black with patches of a dark blue and forest green. There are also some highlights of taupe.

So here are the beads I selected ...

... then I found a wonderful large oval Mexican agate in my stash that has all of the right colors in it.

A while back I designed a necklace using triangle beads in a herringbone weave. It was a three-colored rope and had an alternating color pattern I liked and now refer to as a plaid design. Using the four colors of triangle beads selected for this necklace and the dark white separating beads (size 11 seed beads), I created the color pattern for this necklace.

Here you see the beginning of the rope and the 2 larger sections completed.

I then created a beaded bezel for the Mexican agate using the same beads, with a gold accent in the center of one side and a blue accent in the center of the other side.

BUT ... my client wanted a long necklace that might also be worn as a short necklace. How to do that?

There were several solutions and I landed on the idea of creating a short necklace and a matching bracelet that could be connected to or detached from each other.

Using some very high quality brass hook and eye connectors from Kim Fox Designs I was able to create and connect those 2 sections.

A Single Necklace and a 2-Piece Set
And I now have a happy customer who looks forward to showing off her new necklace!

Let me know if I can create something special for you!

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