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I just completed a series of bracelets using a design that I love because it is so easy and comfortable to wear. I used three different blue 2-hole beads in this design which givies it a nice movement of colorl. The blue colors are enhance by the  black seed beads.


This bracelet measures 3/4" wide and 6-3/4 inches in  length, and custom orders in a different color are possible. Please message me.


How to Measure for a Bracelet? It is not easy to know your size for bracelets, as it depends on how you like to wear them. Here are some guidelines that may help:


Step 1. Measure your actual wrist size: Wrap a flexible tape measure around your wrist just below your wrist bone where you would normally wear a bracelet. Alternatively, wrap a piece of string around your wrist, and then measure the length of the string on a ruler.


Step 2.  Select your preferred fit. Most people have a preference on how a bracelet drapes on the wrist. Follow these guidelines to determine total bracelet length based on the preferred fit.


Style                        Add to actual wrist size
Snug fit                   ¼“ ½ inch
Comfort fit             ¾“-1 inch
Loose fit                  1 ¼ inch



Shades of Blue with Silver Highlights Beaded Bracelet. Strong Magnetic Clasp

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