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Using AI for Sophisticated Designs

I make jewelry using small and large beads as well as metal clay, and all of the other components, tools and other things that go with that. So, how does using AI fit into what I do? The answer is simple, at least for me right now - marketing.

Through the website, I came across a class taught by Pam East on how to use AI for photograph editing. The concept that Pam uses as the foundation for her classes is to be able to use your cell phone for the entire process of taking photos and editing them to make them as eye-appealing as possible. Her ideas apply both to marketing as well as submitting jewelry into competitions, with those 2 uses being quite different.

I am in no way an expert on this yet, but I have been able to incorporate a lot of what I learned from Pam into my website postings and the ads that I run on social media. Here are are two examples of photos that you will find on my website - the "before" and "after" use of AI to create more interest in the photo:

"Getting crisp, clear images of your jewelry is vital for getting into juried shows and competitions, selling on online, and promoting yourself."

I plan to continue on my journey of creating the best photos possible so that you can see the beauty of the jewelry that I make. You will not be mis-led by photos that make my work look better than it is, rather I strive for you to see my work at its very best, which is not always easy to do online. I also hope that you will chuckle a little seeing some photos like the acorn above.

Take a look through my website to see what I have done so far. If you have ideas, thoughts or comments about this use of AI I would welcome a message from you via my website.

I highly recommend, with Alison Lee, for any artisan or crafter looking for ideas, experts, live online classes, video tutorials, podcasts, webinars and projects you'll love.

For more information about Pam East and her absolutely beautiful work with silver clay and other materials you can find her website here:

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