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Just like its bronze counterpart, this silver pendant was Inspired by nature. I found a wonderful little twig a while back (see photo) and made a mold of it. I have been playing with it by first making a pendant with a single twig in silver, then one with a double twig. This has 3 twigs and they combined nicely into a geometric design.


The beaded rope is made with a special bead mix of primary colors and their variations. I think it looks a lot like colored corn on the cob. The necklace measures 20 inches and is finished with an elegant silver lobster clasp.


PMC, or Precious Metal Clay, is a clay product which is easily worked, carved, textured, and shaped, and once fired results in a pure metal piece of art. This pendant is made with Aureus Bright Bronze PMC.


Here is a chart that will help: 
Choker        13 to 16 inches
Princess     17 to 19 inches
Matinee      20 to 24 inches
Opera        28 to 34 inches
Rope        35 inches or more


FREE GIFT WRAP available on request and SHIPPING is FREE.

Three Twigs Silver Pendant on Multi Colored Beaded Rope

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